Wysoka – the plan

A while ago, I had a conversation with my Dad (his website) and we created a plan of things that are important to get his talent, his place, and Bractwo Lutni promoted online. Here is the list, in priority order:

  1. Add Youtube videos to his website so that he can use it to refer people to it.
  2. Add whole Patnik to his website
    Optional: make it available for foreign visitors
  3. Add Piesni Slonne to the website (I will need some stuff written by him)
    This will require me to finish working on producing Piesni Slonne recordings I have.
  4. Produce the record we made with Bractwo Lutni in June 2012  in Wysoka. Look into publishing it electronically.
  5. Work on the Dwor Na Wysokiej’s Facebook page
  6. Translate the important parts of the website to English. Then contact travel agencies and promote it in other ways.
  7. Produce a welcome movie for the website
  8. Record, produce and publish Dad’s solo record

That’s all that we discussed. I think I will be coming back to this post as the plan develops further and I make progress on it.


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I'm a guy who needs to start working on his own life in his own time. This blog is to help me keep track of my plans and works.

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